Opening or closing a door is one of the most common activities that we do several times a day. From home to school to office to restaurant or to a supermarket, we open and close the doors. It means that the doors are very important for every property, whether it is a residential property or a commercial property. If we talk about residential doors, they are not only used for security purposes but can also enhance the look of your home.

Residential doors can be used for internal and external purpose. For internal use, they can be your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, closet, or cabinet doors. And for the external use, the residential doors can be used as garage doors, entrance doors or patio doors, etc. If you are looking for residential doors with the classic designs, variety of colours, and contemporary styles that can make your home look more beautiful, you must contact DC Windows and Doors. We are expert in installing good-quality and modern residential door solutions.

At DC Windows and Doors, we offer a beautiful collection of doors that you can sue in your residential premises. These include entrance doors, patio doors, sliding doors, folding doors, French doors, and glass doors. Let’s get to know about each door with its functions in detail:

Entrance Doors

The type of doors that may provide easy access to the patio or exterior of your property is known as entrance or front doors. The entrance doors available at DC Windows and Doors are energy efficient with superior thermal performance, durable, strong, and weather-resistant.

French Doors

French doors are made to add a traditional opening to your home. Suitable for both open-in and open-out applications, our French doors are available with maximum glass area and offer smooth performance and smooth gliding.

Patio Doors

With the use of patio doors, you can get access to the exterior of your home. Our UPVC patio doors are available in different sizes and colours. They are thermally efficient, weather resistant, and durable.

Folding Doors

The folding doors can be used both for internal and external use. For external use, the folding doors can be installed to separate the interior of your house with the garden or patio. For internal use, you can make a separation between a living room and a dining room by using folding doors. Just like other residential doors, DC Windows and Doors provide bespoke folding doors that may match your exact requirements.

Glass Doors

One of the most modern types of doors that you can install in your homes is glass doors. Made with high-quality glass material, the glass doors available at DC Windows and Doors may add a classic and trendy look to your room, hence boosting its acoustic performance.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are the best option if you want to save space while adding a minimalistic finish to your home. DC Windows and Doors provides a wide range of sliding doors that may be the best alternative to French doors, patio doors or folding doors.

If you want to get the best-quality residential doors at the affordable rates, do not hesitate to approach DC Windows and Doors right now!

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