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Do you want to upgrade the appearance of your home or office? Do you want to replace your worn out or broken windows and patio doors? Did you just say yes? Meet DC Windows and Doors – a professional windows and doors specialist.

We have been installing doors and windows throughout the United Kingdom for more than 13 years. We can provide you with custom doors and windows services no matter you are a private or a commercial customer. So, do not wait anymore and make an order now. Our doors and window experts will be always there to aid you to choose the right products for your needs.

Phone: 0 740 59 499 49

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After receiving an online quotation through our online calculator, we send our specialists to your place. They will assist you at every step – from the early stage of survey and project design to complete installation as well as maintenance.

Replacement Parts

We believe that no window or door-related project is big or small. Our experts do not only specialize in new installations, but they are repairing and replacing as well. Note: we repairing only our models of windows and doors.


All our doors and windows are made on highest-quality standards with a warranty of 10 years.


We assure you that when you choose us, you will get the best European and German quality doors and windows.